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We are lucky to be part of the best ad community in the country.  Many of us are trying to figure out how we can help as we are all self-quarantining.  The ABAC board wants to do what it can to support it members.  We are asking that if you are unable to get out to the store and need someone to run errands for you to send us an e-mail.  Many of us are working from home with small children and/or have health concerns.

If you are in need of assistance, please email Rebecca Wassong at

If you would like to volunteer to run errands, please fill out the below form. As email requests come in we will send e-mails out to those in similar zip codes.  Please respond back that you at that point if you are able to help.



2020 Board Member Nominations















Nominations will be open through 5/31/2020

Nominees should possess some or all of the following capabilities and qualifications to help achieve our mission:

  • Connections – to help continue our drive for greater participation in our club events / membership.
  • Sales Ability – to help continue and grow our sponsorship programs
  • Vision – for growth and change
  • Time – to invest in leading / co-managing these initiatives
  • Philanthropy – we are enhancing our involvement in the greater Atlanta community as well as our Mentorship and Scholarship Programs


  • Authorship of making ABAC the premiere advertising club in the Southeast
  • Recognition for the individual and company they work for
  • Opportunity to deepen existing relationships and build new ones
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Resume Enhancer
  • Special Thanks to our outgoing board members for their service to the ABAC Board.


Submit your nomination below:


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