2019 Board Member Nominations




Nominees should possess some or all of the following capabilities and qualifications to help achieve our mission:

  • Connections – to help continue our drive for greater participation in our club events / membership.
  • Sales Ability – to help continue and grow our sponsorship programs
  • Vision – for growth and change
  • Time – to invest in leading / co-managing these initiatives
  • Philanthropy – we are enhancing our involvement in the greater Atlanta community as well as our Mentorship and Scholarship Programs

What will these exceptional individuals receive for their time and efforts?

  • Authorship of making ABAC the premiere advertising club in the Southeast
  • Recognition for the individual and company they work for
  • Opportunity to deepen existing relationships and build new ones
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Resume Enhancer
  • Special Thanks to our outgoing board members for their service to the ABAC Board.

New board members will be announced at Spring Fling 2019!

Submit your nomination below:

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